During our careers, we have been exposed to a plethora of personalities and profiles. They all come with their unique twists, challenges, and awesome spirits. At Ladderism, we believe in romanticizing characters and we have come up with an ever-growing list of career profiles that you might meet.

The Eager Beaver 

Has a narrow scope of success, narcissistic tendencies, single-layer organizational view, motivated, engaged, positive intentions.

The Bro (coming soon)

Values intra-team relationships above everything else. Becomes way too comfortable with everyone. Often blindsided with outside strategies. Passionate to get things done!

The Theorist (coming soon)

Has an answer for everything. Everything works on paper, but nothing really works. Very intellectual and values education\learnings above execution. Awesome to push a team towards new ways of thinking.

The Quitter (coming soon)

Nothing ever works. He just wants out of everything that has obstacles and challenges. Sometimes valuable to have around to get a good reality check, but hard to manage expectations.

The Optimistic (coming soon)

Everything will always work out! Sometimes valuable to have around to get a positive spin on harsh realities.

The Golden Child (coming soon)

Everything he touches turn to gold. Your manager loves him, your manager’s manager loves him. When there’s a problem, he’s the first one called upon. Too much hype or justified?

The Almost-Ready (coming soon)

We’re almost there! Two more weeks! A more month! We just need testing! Nothing ever gets completed, everything is always so close to being completed.

The Hacker (coming soon)

So fast, so nimble, so flexible. Covers a broad range of skills. Will get it done, regardless of challenges, however, it might not hold up to scalability, security, compliance, <insert other terms here> tests.

The Superman (coming soon)

They are generalists in the true sense of the word. They are extroverts brimming with energy and confidence, who truly believe in your vision for the company and want to play an active part in helping you meet it.

The Maestro (coming soon)

Sees the process from A to Z and understand how every piece fits into each other.

The Overachiever (coming soon)

They’re the busy bee that has a stack of projects on their desk, is always rushing off to the next meeting, insists on arriving early and staying late, and always puts their hand up to volunteer for new work.

More to come!

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