Eager Beaver


Narrow scope of success, narcissistic tendencies, single-layer organizational view, motivated, engaged, positive intention


The Eager Beaver (EB) is seen in all types of industries and organizations, they’ve had one success and they feel they should move up in the company.

  • EBs tend to see short-term successes as their own validation of their skills and value to a team
  • EBs often fail to see the sum of all functions within a team that make a success
  • EBs believe in their ability to succeed and shy away from absorbing lessons from others
  • EBs are highlighy engaged and motivated
  • More often than not, EBs have positive intention when acting
  • EBs jump from one company\team to another rapidly

Climbing Up

Whether you are a self-diagnosed Eager Beaver or you have one in your team, the important part to acknowledged is the commitment the EB shows the team and the organization. Typically, the EB acts in a favourable way towards the team and will be a positive driving force. At any give moment, the EB feels that he should be recognized or promoted based on the actions he took in the immediate past. To climb up, the EB and its manager must agree on a step-by-step plan on what it takes to be promoted. In the absence of clear requirements to move up, the EB will always feel that he’s ready. Given a clear outline of promotional requirements, the EB will shut up and follow through.

Climbing Down

The Eager Beavers can easily fall from the good grace of the team if their expectations are not handled properly. Given the narcissistic nature of the EB, the non-approval of the team might result in shifting his positive intent to a negative one. Sentences like “My manager is an idiot and doesn’t know how to run the team” will be part of day-to-day landscape. If left unanswered, the Eager Beaver will quit as he sees no path forward.

Key Actions

  1. Acknowledge his actions in the same amplitude\frequency you would do for others
  2. Outline key requirements for promotions
  3. Ensure he always have something to work on, never let an EB think he knows everything (unless he really does ?!?)
  4. Identify a lost cause rapidly. Slowing down an EB can be challenging. Showing faults in a narcissistic personality is even harder.

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